Wednesday, March 1, 2017


This year we have truly had a winter with many days of snow.  The deepest we had was 8 inches which to people who have snow every winter is just a dusting.  The first snow my hubby and I suited up in our snow pants and coats and played in it like children.  We made a snowman and a snow woman. I made snow angels and had fun throwing snowballs at my hubby.  He is a much better aim than I am.  We decided to have an early Valentines day get a way up to Victoria.  My hubby knowing I have always wanted to see Butchart Gardens booked us a day trip to see the garden.  When we sailed up to Victoria, they too were getting tons of snow.  We talked about how foolish we had been to book a garden trip in Feb . but decided to enjoy it no matter the weather.  When we showed up at the bus the driver asked if we really wanted to go as everything would be under the snow.  Yes it is our only day here and we will see it like no one else every has covered in snow.  It was beautiful. The fountains were still flowing and everything was magical covered in snow.  I hope you enjoy a few of the photos of a beautiful garden in snow.  They had a spring preview house open so we will return to see these beautiful flowers out in their glory in the gardens.  I also hope that spring comes quickly for I am officially freezing now.

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