Thursday, June 8, 2017

Woodland wedding happening soon

 Our daughter is getting Married!!!! She wanted to get married in our lower field. It  is not a huge place but it is a peaceful place.  So happy for her and her fiance.  They are hikers and avid outdoors people so this setting is perfect. It is hard to not be a bit anxious about the weather and will everyone fit along with all their vehicles.  My daughter is someone who doesn't panic and plans very well so I am sure it will all work out.   I remember my own wedding and how peaceful I felt that day.  I went down to my dad's boat climbed on board and had a quiet time with the Lord on the water.  My husband to be came down to find me and we hid his car at the park so it would  be free of decorations for our departure.  We forgot to hide his suitcase which was ransacked leaving him with one pair of underwear which said in bold Red Sharpie "I love MY  Wife!!!" It was an adventure finding a store that sold underwear out in the wilds of Quinalt. Great memories and I am sure the young couple will make their own memories on that glorious day.  We rejoice with them starting out on their new adventure of togetherness. So happy and blessed to see them happy with each other and loving Jesus! The big day is only a few months away. Hope we get everything ready in time.  At our wedding the workers were driving the last nail in the expanded deck at my folks house as we said our I do's  and were pulling away in their trucks as we came back to the house to celebrate with family and friends after the church reception.  I am sure my daughter and soon to be son in law will remember the joy they felt on their wedding day and it will all seem perfect. Hope you have great memories of your own weddings.

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  1. Yay! The forest wedding is going to be WONDERFUL! Your wedding was beautiful!