Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter and Spring meet in the garden

I love this time of year. Winter  is holding on to the hope of one last snowfall yet the flowers are popping up saying spring is on the way. Yesterday I used my wonderful new garden gloves, the ones with claw fingers to plant the last of my tulips.  I realize I should have got them in the ground in the early fall but we were on vacation.  When we returned from our month away the rain, snow and freezing temperatures had settled in for the winter. Last year I was late also and had the most beautiful tulip beds I have ever had, so hoping for the same.  As I look around my gardens I see the promise of spring.  Many of my bulbs are already poking their cute little buds up through the dirt. My chickens and hens are  glorious shades  of color. I even found a little snake sunning himself down in my outer lawn.  They say we may get another dumping of snow but I hope these pictures help you see Spring is on it's way.


  1. WHat a beautiful garden!!! Your hen & chicks are amazing!!! I cant wait to see what pops up hee in our new place ;)

  2. Things look so springy! I love your gloves. The snake gives me the shivers.